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How to floss your teeth 

Dental Implant - Demo

What is a root canal 

How to brush if you have braces 


Root Canal Specialist ?
Who is an Endodontist, know the difference  

Root canal therapy remains on of the more commonly mis-understood procedures in dentistry. Though it is carried out by all specialists including non-specialists, here are some of the things an Endodontist ( root canal specialist) brings to the table - 


1) 3 years of post graduate training focussed mainly on Root Canals. 

2) Magnification aided therapy, reducing the chances of errors and increasing the chances of success 

3) Single Visit treatments - backed by academic evidence 

4) Special training in use of Rotary Endodontics 

5) Laser-aided disinfection 

6) Expert in management of previously failed Treatments 


Laser Dentisty - The new Frontier 

Our facility provides state of the art laser dental care provided by trained professionals. We take great pride in maintaining safety protocols ensuring your comfort and the success of your treatment. Some of the specific procedures performed by Lasers are further explained in the link to our blog below - 

Digital smile design - An innovation 

Medical technology along with the rest of the world is entering a digital age of greater predictability and a more comprehensive approach to treatment planning.  


We are introducing an in-house innovation of ours that lets you visualize your treatment outcome within minutes.


Along with visualizing the outcome, we provide highly specialized dental experts that can help you bring out the diamond within. . .  



Stain Removal,
Teeth Whitening,
Gum lightening  

The teeth are natures pearls given to us to show-off in our most meaningful moments in life. We offer several solutions to tooth and gum discolourations such as - 


Tooth bleaching ( Laser )

De-pigmentation ( lightening of gums) ( Laser)

 Scaling and Polishing 



Laminates, Venners 


Pedodontics - Child dentistry 

"Childen do not care how much you know, 

untill they know how much you care" 


Child dentistry often focusses on the principle that prevention is better than cure. At a young age children are highly suceptible to tooth decay which may have a long lasting effect on their physical health and confidence. 


Esthetic Dentisty - Shine on you crazy diamond  

The smile is the most promentinet and central feature of the presonality of an individual. According to studies, gaps between teeth and tooth decay in the fron teeth are amonst the most DISPLEASING characteristics of a person. 


We treat - ( slide show )


1) Gaps in your teeth

2) Yellow / brown teeth

3) Mis-aligned teeth

4) Badly shaped teeth  

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